1. Bring the engineering sector together to engage in the development challenges we face in an integrated and strategic fashion;

  2. Invite African and other international stakeholders to engage on business, institutional and development opportunities.

  3. Learn about ways in which we can deliver value for money in our projects, programmes and infrastructure development.

What is Civilution?

Civilution is a new era for engineering professionals, motivating engineers of all disciplines to conduct business differently. It is also where engineers play the role of history makers bringing about transformation, diversity, leadership and evolution in our local and global society and the betterment of the quality of life through collaboration between communities and government. Civilution aims to highlight the important role engineers can play in this sphere. Engineers are innovators and through innovation, economic competitiveness arises. Civilution will direct engineers along this path of intellectual revolution where we have the power to impact communities and create awareness of the need for our pivotal engineering skills. The power is in our hands.



Civilution is a platform for engineers to bring about transformation, diversity, leadership and evolution in our local and global society to improve quality of life for all citizens through collaboration between communities and government. The event is to reposition engineering to its rightful place, to utilise engineering skills assets to the full, to work towards removing hindrances that preclude engineering practitioners from doing what they should be doing.
African Construction Conference is a one-stop-shop to showcase, experience and learn about the latest building and construction methods, products, tools and technologies in just three days. African Construction Expo is co-located with Totally Concrete Expo.
Totally Concrete Conference is the African educational and networking platform for insights into the latest developments and technologies associated with the concrete and construction industry. The event is designed to address challenges, demands and opportunities including driving green initiatives and the entry of cement manufacturers into the marketplace.
Housing for Africa Conference is a forum focusing on the planning and development of sustainable housing infrastructure in Africa. With the continent now experiencing the world’s fastest economic growth and highest urbanisation rate, this forum highlights the latest technologies, thinking, approaches and strategies.
Women in Construction Awards is a collaborative platform dedicated to recognising excellence in Africa within the construction, cement and concrete industry. The awards also acknowledged organisations which have stepped up and developed women’s roles through innovative training programmes as well showing their commitment to developing the careers of women in the industry.

Construction IT Summit & Expo is THE ONLY practical platform offering vendors and solution providers access to the entire construction IT lifecycle. This unique setting allows for prestigious visibility, interactive networking and on-site information technology demonstrations. This is the only event in Africa to showcase BIM and in endorsed by the BIM Institute.

The second annual Captains of Construction project comprises of an exclusive leadership forum and a high-level investment publication. The Captains of Construction forum gathers C-level executives and prominent leaders from private and public sector as well as financial institutions, to have crucial conversations about infrastructure development in Africa.

Gauteng Construction Conference and Trade Expo is an opportunity to meet the entire Gauteng building and construction industry, making it the best knowledge and networking platform for the regions’ construction professionals. The expo provides a platform for government, regulators, contractors (large and small), engineers, quantity surveyors, architects, property developers, project managers and academics to discuss challenges they face whilst also sharing and gaining knowledge on best practices and solutions.