The exhibition is an integral part of the Congress, enabling technology and service providers to demonstrate their products and connect directly with this exclusive audience of decision makers.

We would like to invite you to be a part of CIVILUTION 2016 EXPO and showcase your products / services pertaining to the following technologies.


Why Exhibit / Sponsor

Convenient and cost-effective:
Meet the entire value chain and conclude several months of customer interaction in just a few days.

The right people:
Meet the right people to help drive your business to the top of the ranks of the concrete and construction industries as you nurture key relationships in the industry and grow new relationships.

Showcase technologies and trends:
Demonstrate African applications of your latest innovations and techniques in concrete engineering to project owners and designers looking for solutions to build construct stronger, more durable structures with less environmental impact.

New market opportunities and experiences:
Get up to date on cross-border tender opportunities and specifications to help you prepare to win your next major project tender.